Creative’s Xmod Brings Wireless Surround Sound to Your MP3s


“Creative’s Xmod Wireless system connects your PC to your home theater and plays your tracks using an X-Fi Wireless Receiver, which the company claims produces a sound that is better than CD quality. According to Creative, X-Fi is its audio standard that combines the X-Fi Crystalizer and the X-Fi CMSS-3D. The X-Fi Crystalizer enhances the audio quality of songs that have been damaged by compression in the MP3 format, and the X-Fi CMSS-3D creates a virtual surround sound for headphones and speakers.The Xmod Wireless connects to your PC with USB, and the receiver connects to a speaker system or home theater, in any room of your home up to 100 feet away so you can wirelessly listen to music without the need for a wireless network”….. <More> Also See …Creative Xmod Product Page


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