Sony’s LocationFree System: Watch live TV & More On A Variety of Devices Including PlayStation Portable System & Cellphones

Sony’s LocationFree Wireless Base StationLF-B20 ($249~Comparison Shopping sites has them starting at $79.00!!) allows you to connect wirelessly1 in your home, the LF-B20 can stream live television and other video content, with excellent picture quality, through a home network or across the internet3 to remote devices. When you are away from home, accessing the Base Station is as easy as logging onto the internet. Log in and watch live TV, change channels, and access and control any additional audio-visual devices hooked up to the system. Featuring integrated 802.11 a/b/g wireless LAN1, NetAV streaming, and the ability to connect to PlayStation® Portable, Windows® and Mac OS X computers, TVs and Windows Mobile® cellular phones…. <More>


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