Video: Boohoo Fo You…20 Japanese Smartphone Features!

  1. mobile wallet
  2. MANGA on mobile
  3. mobile check-in at airports
  4. mobile keys for door
  5. mobile employee badges
  6. mobile cinema tickets
  7. mobile transport passes
  8. fingerprint authentication
  9. face recognition/authentication
  10. mobile discount/promotion coupons
  11. scented phones
  12. mobile fashion consultant
  13. mobile live TV
  14. wii-like mobile phones (motion-sensor)
  15. physical bookmarks for mobiles (shops)
  16. privacy screens
  17. 1D and 2D codes for marketing and even on fruit and veg labels
  18. mobile GPS navigation for pedestrians
  19. electric wave posters (uses RFiD)
  20. waterproof phones “….. Fanpotai and

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