Watch This Summer’s remaining contender’s Movie Trailer – Could Any Top Spider Man’s 3 Take?

Via Yahoo Buzz: “A few potential summer blockbusters made our top 20, but there are also movies on our list that haven’t even rolled film. Wishful thinking factors heavily into trailer queries, but we know the studios are simply wishing to compete with Spidey’s success. Here are the top trailers in Search…

  1. Rush Hour 3 Trailer
  2. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Trailer
  3. Pirates of the Caribbean 3 Trailer
  4. Transformers Trailers
  5. High School Musical 2 Trailer
  6. Saw 4 Trailer
  7. Jurassic Park 4 Trailer
  8. The Dark Knight Trailer
  9. 28 Weeks Later Trailer
  10. Spider-Man 4 Trailer
  1. Halloween Trailer
  2. Indiana Jones 4 Trailer
  3. Shrek the Third Trailer
  4. Iron Man Trailer
  5. Bourne Ultimatum Trailer
  6. National Treasure 2 Trailer
  7. X-Men 4 Trailer
  8. Underworld 3 Trailer
  9. Rambo 4 Trailer
  10. Terminator 4 Trailer

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