How Credit Scores Are Created, Measured, Decreased & Increased.

I was listening to  a local radio station and stumbled on this Credit Score Analysis and help article and it seems seemes to have some helpful info to assist with improving FICO scores or playing the Credit game …

50 Ways To Raise Your FICO Credit Score

19. Avoid Consolidating Debts or Balance TransfersMoving debts from card to card will not shrink the balance. Balance transfer offers are good if the new interest rate is low. To be of an advantage, you must payoff the balance. 20. Negotiate Better Terms with CreditorsDue to high finance fees, paying the minimum payment barely reduces the balance. Contact your creditors and negotiate a lower interest rate. For a short period, the credit card company may lower your rate, which gives you the chance to reduce your balance and increase your credit score.

21. Apply for an Auto Loan

Rebuilding credit history after a bankruptcy is important. Since getting approved for a credit card is challenging, apply for an auto loan. Auto loan lenders offer a variety of programs to help people re-establish credit. While the interest rate is high, an auto loan can be a stepping stone to good credit”…. <More>



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2 responses to “How Credit Scores Are Created, Measured, Decreased & Increased.

  1. Yeah, I got in a tangle with credit. It is is vitally important that you converse with your creditors. Do not ignore it, it won’t go away.

  2. Thanks for the addition information on how people
    can improve their credit. The more good advice a
    person gets the better.

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