Digital Bumper Stickers and More

License plate frames go digital, high-def devices cut their cables, and audiophiles get new earphone options.

  1. Roadmaster’s Car Message-Scrolling Digital License Plate Frame

    Roadmaster's Scrolling Digital License Plate Frame can display up to 99 messages.An ability to display warnings such as “Your lights aren’t working,” Roadmaster’s LED

  2. Shure’s SE Series Headphones

    Shure’s new SE line of earphones promises superior audio quality.

  3. Tzero’s Wireless HD DeliveryTzero's ultra-wideband (UWB) powers devices such as this prototype to transmit high-def video wirelessly.Looking for ways to reduce cable clutter in the vicinity of your home entertainment center?

4. The Chilling Tinchilla

 <An ability to chill a canned beverage in 60 seconds.



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