Griffin Technology Rocket FM Tunecaster


“RocketFM ($39.99) uses any available FM frequency to transmit audio through your home, car or office stereo system. Applications such as iTunes, GarageBand, video soundtracks and even streaming internet radio can be conveniently broadcast with RocketFM.

RocketFM Q & A
What is RocketFM’s broadcast range?
RocketFM broadcasts a signal that can be received up to approx. 30 feet away.
Can RocketFM broadcast to any FM frequency on any FM radio?
Yes. RocketFM can broadcast on practically any frequency on the FM dial – 88.1 to 107.9.
How do you tune RocketFM?
RocketFM consists of a hardware transmitter and a software control panel. The control panel provides an elegant, easy-to-use interface for tuning the RocketFM.
Will RocketFM work with all audio applications?
Yes. Any audio generated by any application on your computer can be broadcast to a nearby radio using RocketFM” <Rocket FM Product Page>


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