A HD TV with No Screen: Heliodisplay H3 Virtual TV


 “The Heliodisplay actually forms floating 2D images in midair from regular video inputs — essentially a virtual 30-inch video screen. It’s not holography; it works by affecting the properties of the ambient air above the “projector” (about the size of a desktop PC turned on its side).

“The Heliodisplay interactive is like a virtual touchscreen. A hand or finger can act as a mouse for cursor control interactivity in a computer environment. No special glove or pointing device is required. Just as you use a mouse to move the cursor on a traditional computer monitor, you can use your finger to move the cursor around the Heliodisplay image (see: Images & Videos). The Heliodisplay connects to a computer (at least: Pentium III 400MHZ;25MB free disk space;Win2000/XP) through a USB port”…. <More>


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