The Top 10 Coolest (or Weird) Inflatables!



“Inflatables, the vinyl frontier. These are the voyages of the blogship Raivynn’s Roost. Her five hour mission: to explore strange new websites. To seek out new gadgets and new crazy blow-ups. To boldly blog them as they’ve never been blogged before.
No. I did not put any of the, err … “adult” inflatables on this list. I wouldn’t know where to start, for one thing. I sure ran into more than I wanted while researching for this post, though. There actually are two inflatable dolls, a man and a woman, that I seriously debated about putting on the list. Not sex toys, but I was afraid someone might think they were. So, while not on the Top 10 list, the Inflatable Husband and Inflatable Wife get honorable mention here”….. <More>


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