Leveraging Ultra Wideband (UWB) Technologyto Enable Next-Generation Handset-Centric Applications

“In effect, UWB allows every handset owner to activate a “10 meter bubble” of flexible, auto-discovery wireless that moves with them anywhere they go, ready to connect with applications in their immediate proximity, based upon their user-defined security, privacy, and auto-connect settings. Depending on the settings, users can choose to be automatically alerted whenever they come into proximity of enhanced services offered by carriers or their partners. Based on the carrier or service providers’ specific revenue and service models, the underlying UWB technology can be used along with multiple protocols to either connect users-to-users, users-to-services, or users to personal computing platforms, peripheral devices, as well as consumer electronic equipment.

By routinely including UWB based wireless capabilities in their next-generation handsets, carriers can offer Bluetooth 3.0, Certified Wireless USB, and IP-based LAN connectivity, all from a single low-cost, low-power embedded UWB function. This allows the handset to “talk” with virtually any local devices that come with the 10-meter proximity envelope”…. <More>


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