The Word on Windows Mobile 6

“The secret is out. After a French publication broke the embargo on the news, Microsoft has confirmed details of its new Windows Mobile 6 operating system that was going to be announced at next week’s 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona.
Many of the Microsoft Office functions have been more tightly integrated into the new version. With Outlook, for instance, users can view e-mail attachments like photos, tables, links and formatting as they were sent. There also is integration with Windows Live (Hotmail and Messenger) that provides push e-mail capability and instant messaging. Push e-mail could be made available by the carriers as an upgrade, Microsoft thinks.

Mobile 6 also supports full HTML e-mail, which means links in an e-mail are “live.” If a phone number is included in an e-mail, a user can call that phone simply by clicking on it. The same thing applies to links to web pages”…. <More>


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