What’s that smell? Lots of Cash & Manure: Cow-Powered Ethanol Plants


Ethanol plants powered by methane gas catching on across U.S.

Ranchers have long been fond of saying cattle manure smells like money.

Now, folks in the business of making ethanol are smelling dollars too — in the methane gas emitted by manure at large cattle feedlots and dairies.

Across the country, ethanol plants powered by methane instead of costly natural gas or coal are on the drawing board — a movement that could be a win-win situation for the environment and the industry.

“We’ll produce ethanol much more efficiently and do it in an environmentally friendly way,” said Dennis Langley, CEO of Kansas- based E3 BioFuels.

Burning the methane will cut the amount of the greenhouse gas — which contributes to global warming — released into the environment….”Cows are a major source of greenhouse gas,” said David Mager, vice president of Bion Environmental Technologies, a company helping livestock operations incorporate ethanol production by using manure” … <More>


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