Mac Book Mini

“here’s what we know to be true with the current prototypes floating around the Apple design team (yes, that is where the prototypes go, as design and engineering are done hand in hand at Apple).Display: Confirmed use LED backlighting (to conserve battery life), and will be a 12″ Widescreen, same resolution as Mac Book, 1280×800. Only possible wrench in this plan is getting enough screens to meet Apple’s demands, but all indications as of today’s prototypes is that this is the plan going forward.CPU: 2GHz Core 2 Duo, sorry to say it won’t be faster, but to be small, you gotta use less watts and generate less heat…especially with the graphics card that this beast has been spotted with. Still, considering that the top end will be 2.33 – 2.5 GHz, that’s really not that bad”…. <More>



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3 responses to “Mac Book Mini

  1. codster

    how much and where are these sold?

  2. This is a rumored concept. Thanks for the comment.

  3. dragon

    I saw a young Japanese girl in the airport yesterday with a Macbook Mini….Seriously, why do they get all of the good stuff first?

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