Google Switch Touchscreen Mobile Phone – An iPhone Killer?


“With LG’s KE850 already riding high on the wave of touch screen based phone publicity generated by Apple’s iPhone rumours are now circulating that Google is also about to test the water.

Conveniently blurry/‘Leaked’ photos of the search giant’s first entry into the hardware world began to appear at the pints and footy end of last week. Apparently codenamed ‘Switch’ it is the offshoot of a partnership with Samsung and has a firm focus on communication rather than multimedia.

At the heart of the device is reported to be an enhanced version of Gtalk which will organise contacts and handle instant messaging. Gmail and Google Maps will – naturally – be fully integrated and a virtual keyboard will pop up to enable typing”….. <More>

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“There aren’t any specs attached to the device yet, and based on how thin the picture makes it out to be, the on-board camera — if it even has one — can’t be all that powerful. It may not even have any internal memory whatsover, if the “tipsters” are to be believed, opting exclusively for web-based network storage, including applications that you “attach” to your account”…. <More>


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  1. wow! maybe this hp not release at malaysia…

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