Top 10 Robots You Can Buy


“1. Valerie, A Domestic Android Still considered the classic robot by certain factions of the productdose community, Valerie is a life-size female android (“Because a woman is less threatening than a full-sized adult male”) that will clean, paint, do laundry, wash dishes, and check stock prices. Sorry folks, she won’t drive a car of run a lawnmower, if for no other reason than “because she can’t go outside

5. Robosapien V2


Phase two of this remote-controlled robot, Robosapien V2 features over 100-pre-programmed functions that you can control from a distance great enough to give you a head start when he turns on you. The robot features color vision and sound detection, and it can speak and interact with people and inanimate objects alike”…. <More>


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