iPhone: The Future of Apple?


“Unlike other smartphones, the iPhone will have no actual keyboard but will have a touch-sensitive screen from which users will type messages, launch various applications, dial phone numbers, and manage other tasks. The screen measures 3.5 inches diagonally, while the body is 4.5 inches high, 2.4 inches wide, and less than a half-inch thick. Its operating system software is a slimmed-down version of Mac OS X, which had been the subject of a final round of rumors that hit the Internet in the final weeks before the device’s release. Known in the computer industry as an embedded operating system—because it’s not intended to run directly on a personal computer or server—this represents nothing less than a radical shift for Apple. An embedded version of Mac OS X could conceivably show up on any kind of wireless handheld device in the future, providing the guts to drive whatever newfangled user interface Apple comes up with for a given market. A wireless phone may be only the first step of a longer-term strategic thrust into all manner of consumer electronics devices, some more sophisticated and involved than the iPhone, some less so. “I firmly believe this is the first of many products,” says Shaw Wu, an analyst at American Technology Research in San Francisco. “And I would not be surprised to see more products in the next few quarters and the next few years” …. <More>






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