“We’ve seen a good bit of Seamless’ S-XGen “next generation” UMPC already, but now the little palmtop computer is a growed up, with a press release and launch deets to call its very own. The specs are right on with what we’ve been reporting, with that 520MHz Xscale proc, 20GB HDD, 256MB of SDRAM, MMC card slot, 4-inch 480 x 270 screen, “280 pixel” webcam, 802.11b WiFi, Ethernet, Bluetooth and tri-band GSM connectivity. With Windows CE 5.0 and Microsoft Office Mobile Suite, the S-XGen isn’t quite a full fledged UMPC, but that fold out keyboard and abundance of connectivity should give the device a certain edge over some of its Windows-based counterparts”…. <More>


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