Nano-health, Nano-war

vivagel.jpgWhat it is: An overview of recent news about nanotechnology.

Why it’s important: Because it’s written by Jamais Cascio, co-founder of this site and perhaps the sharpest thinker around about nanotechnology’s future implications, which is, in turn, an increasingly important subject.

Telling quote: “One of the big questions about nanomaterials arising in recent months concerns the toxicity of nanoparticles, particularly carbon nanotubes. Since carbon nanotubes have applications ranging from solar power to artificial muscles (see below), their almost-magical potential would be blunted by confirmation of nasty effects on living tissues. Rice University is one of the leading institutions studying the biological effects of nanomaterials, so it was welcome news that a Rice University group (working with the University of Texas) has found through in-vivo tests that single-wall carbon nanotubes have no immediate harmful effects, and that they are flushed from the bloodstream within 24 hours”…. <More>


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  1. This is great post on nano health . Thanks for sharing .

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