iSync on Steroids Key To Apple Phone’s Success.

iphone_047.jpg“Apple’s ability to stand out in the phone market viewed in this light seems obvious: For every service that exists in phones, there’s a great iLife application that can use the data it collects. iCal syncs schedules. Address Book matches up names and numbers. Mail keeps your inboxes in lock-step. iTunes loads the phone with music. iMovie edits your shaky, grainy phone videos. iPhoto handles all your pictures. Sounds great, right? Except it wouldn’t be. Can you imagine how horrifying it would be to wirelessly sync your Apple phone to your Mac and watch as no fewer than six applications auto-launch and overload the system?

That’s where an unreleased piece of iLife comes in: Let’s call it iSync on Steroids (iSoS). Imagine a single, lightweight application focused solely on data transfers and media previews”…. <More>


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