Going Solar Without the Up-Front Investment.

“The Citizen REnU program is the first to give residential customers the chance to use green energy in their home without the usual dilemma. A photovoltaic (“PV”) array, inverters, and an exchange point (“XP”) are prepackaged to deliver energy to the customer or the utility from power generated at the home. Our new program takes care of all the usual headaches: it provides hassle free installation, operation, and maintenance – and does so with the most attractive terms in the industry. Customers have the option to rent the system for either 1, 5 or 25 years. This arrangement eliminates the traditional up-front investment and associated investment risk. With all of the customary barriers removed, customers can get down to the bottom-line choice of do they want more renewable energy, do they want more reliability, and do they want more responsiveness”

“This is either the best thing since sliced bread or something else.  We have assigned one of our best investigative reporters to checkout these guys inside and out; so the final word has not been written.

We like to learn by doing.  That works probably 60% of the time on the net.”… <More>


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