Top Silly Technology Gadgets from 2006

# 3. Solar-powered Insect Theatre:“Constructed from durable FSC Timber, the Insect Theatre features unique solar lighting with its own storage batteries that automatically light up at dusk attracting Moths, Lacewings, Butterflies and other interesting flying insects into the Theatre. The light then automatically turns off at dawn to reveal the insects inside. Plant material or sturdy branches can be introduced into the Theatre through the access door at the side which can also be used to remove insects to study. The lower shelf has several Solitary Bee nesting holes as added habitat. SITE – The chamber should be sited in a warm area in dappled sunlight out of prevailing winds approximately 1-2 mtrs high”…. <MORE>


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  1. George

    Hi i need help i have too chose 5 very silly or futuristic things like a remote control vacum cleaner do you think you can help


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