Video: Archos 604 WiFi Digital Media Player Reviewed x 2

“At the top-end of Archos’ new line-up is the 604 wifi, a 30gb portable media player with a touch-sensitive widescreen display and 802.11b/g wireless networking. This thing is about as feature-packed as they get, although it’s not exactley cheap at the going rate of $400 here in the US. Plus, you’ll have to shell out extra for the DVR docking station ($100), MPEG-2/AC3 support ($20), and H.264/AAC support ($20). But if price is no object, the 604 wifi is the one to get, even topping our house favorite – Cowon’s A2 – on everything except battery life and OGG/FLAC playback (of which Archos has stubbornly refused to support). With that in mind, on to the reviews” …. <More>Also of interest <Video Review, from ArchosFans>And..Overview of Texas Instrumnet’s DaVinci™ Technology powering the Archos. 


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