Humor: The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs-“Regarding my management style”..

“You don’t have to hire the best people. You can hire anyone, as long as you scare the bejesus out of them. That’s the key, the fear. This applies not only to assembly line and factory type workers but to all of your staff, including top executives and even the board of directors. In fact, especially the board of directors. A corollary to this rule is this: Only promote stupid people. But not just any stupid people. You have to find the certain type of stupid people who actually believe they’re super brilliant. They make insanely great managers and are super easy to manipulate. It’s pretty easy to spot them. Former McKinsey consultants are top candidates. The MBAs say you should set high standards, let people know what’s expected of them, and hold them to that. I do a little twist on that and say, Hold people to an impossibly high standard, but here’s the twist — don’t tell them what that standard is. And fire them if they fall short”…. <More>


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