Korea to launch Ultra Wideband (UWB) Technology-enabled Mobile Service in 2008

“IMS Research (Wellingborough, England) estimates that this is the first major use of UWB by a mobile carrier, or at least the first to be made public. IMS market research analyst Fiona Thomson said that SKT’s public drive is bound to accelerate other wireless operators’ interest in promoting UWB…….They are talking with storefront-based retailers about offering up content to handhelds as users pass by, as incentives to come to the store,” he said. “Now remember, this was talked about a lot with Bluetooth, and never materialized. If SKT can prove how to make money with models that use higher-bandwidth services, then other carriers will sit up and pay attention.” Thomson of IMS doubts that UWB will supplant Bluetooth in the handset. Instead, a UWB-Bluetooth combination will be used. Applications that favor low power, such as handset-to-headset connections, will still rely on Bluetooth, while UWB will be used for large file transfers, when higher data rates are necessary”…. <More>


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