Gadget Reviews: MyVu Personal Media Viewer for the iPod & Verizon G’zOne Type-V Rugged Cell Phone

  Verizon’s Verizon G’zOne Type-V Rugged Phone

“MyVu Personal Media Viewer for the iPod. Watching video on an iPod is like watching a dog walk on its hind legs. It’s not a matter of how well the dog does it, but the fact that it walks at all.

Specifically, Apple packed a lot of capability into its tiny media player, but for anyone over age 12, watching video on a 2.5-inch iPod screen gets old after 10 minutes.

Enter the MyVu Personal Media Viewer, featuring a set of stylish black goggles with built-in noise-canceling earphones. Hooked to your video iPod, the viewer employs a pair of cleverly positioned LCD screens to trick your brain into thinking you’re watching a 27-inch TV from a comfortable distance of 6 feet.

I was amazed — and from the looks on my colleagues’ faces as they tried it, they were, too. The most common reaction: “I want one — now…” <More>


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