Gigabyte gSmart i128 Multi-Lingual Smartphone with TV Roaming and Stereo Bluetooth

GSmart i (128)


Wise Talk
Ever tired of being chased everywhere because of mobile phone? Wise Talk is the 100% in-house built software which gives to the freedom of deciding when to pick upA call or not back to end users. The Overdub feature, which can simulate the background noise, camouflages your actual location by letting people who call you to hearThe sound of airport or concert or meeting room. Try it, you will love it. The Answering Machine, which can playback pre-recorded messages, can serve you best for not calling back to people who you prefer not to waste money or time to call back. Once there is a call coming in, you can decide which message to let them listen to if you are not in the mood to pick up this particular call.
TV Roaming
The great feature supports 3 TV standards in the world: NTSC/PAL/Secam. This means that you will be able to watch the free terrestrial broadcasting almost whichever country to you visit. Exceedingly there are more and more people who can understand at least 2~3 languages. The roaming capability gives end users immense freedom across the borders.
98 Languages supported
The language limitation of Windows Mobile has long been a constrain on people. While web-based translation service has been on for such a long time, user are still being deprived of the freedom of browsing the web content in different countries. And not just internet, also the office documents. With 98 languages supported, now you can either browse all Pocket Office document without language constrain. With additional support from Wifi or GPRS, you will be able to utilize a lot of available internet on-line translation services.
Stereo Bluetooth
Still use wired-headset? Try this A2DP(stereo Bluetooth connection) from GSmart. You will be able to listen to your favorite MP3 music from GSmart without a lot of wire hanging on your chest or crawling around your neck.
FM Radio
Wide range FM radio. And you can also record your favorite channel by this great device from Gigabyte Communications!”……. <More>


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