Solar Energy: How Forward Rental Works

“A new business model on the clean energy horizon is forward rental. This most often involves an agreement between the homeowner and a full-service solar-electric utility company. Typical terms of these agreements include a medium or long term rental in which the customer agrees to purchase power generated by the panels that the Utility provides. The panels may either be installed on the homeowner’s property, or rarely off site on property owned by the utility company. Perhaps the most notable example of Forward Rental as a business model for a renewable energy utility is the ReNu offering by Citizenre, a Delaware-based PV manufacturer and national utility company.

For those who cannot afford or who choose not to invest upwards of $40,000 into a typical grid connected PV system, forward rental enables homeowners to adopt renewable energy much sooner than they otherwise could, and under the right conditions, at significantly reduced cost compared to a traditional grid utility”…… <More>


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