Motofone & MOTOROKR E6 PDA

“Designed to be universally easy to use, Motophone, Motorola’s sleek new “no-manual,” no-frills phone, is almost here. Their experience website, just launched today detailing their design process and extensive research—including visits to multiple continents to conduct ethnographies of how people actually use their phones”…. <More>

The Motoroker PDA


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One response to “Motofone & MOTOROKR E6 PDA

  1. Ken Milan

    Can’t seem to get an answer from ANYONE, ANYWHERE!!
    Question: When…IF EVER, are the geniuses from Motorola going to release the Motophone F3c here in the good ole US of A?
    Why give it to the foreigners first??? We deserve it in AMERICA, after all “We” designed it.

    What say you? Pls email:


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