Don’t Call Us a Phone Company…




“And then there’s Helio, founded by Korea’s SK Telecom and Earthlink. Analysts say it’s a prime example of how an MVNO is perfectly positioned to dominate a niche market.

…. Thanks to the Korea connection, Helio’s got a pipeline to some of the most innovative devices, and can bring them to market more quickly than other operators.

Helio currently sells two ultrasleek phones, the Hero ($225) and the Kickflip ($200), at 2,500 retail stores and has plans to open five Helio-branded shops in the U.S. by year-end. The stand-alone stores will come with video screens and lounges where young consumers can listen to music or play video games.

Helio’s shrewdest move may just be its partnership with MySpace, the red-hot social networking site owned by News Corp (Charts). With MySpace Mobile, Helio customers can update their profiles and post pictures from their phones”….. <More>

Helio’s Website


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