Group including Sony, Toshiba promote WirelessHD

“A group of consumer electronics companies, including Sony and Toshiba, is hoping to help people cut the tangle of cords behind their entertainment centers.

The companies are promoting a new short-range wireless technology that would transmit high-definition audio and video data. For example, the idea is that consumers would be able to connect new high-definition DVD players to their big-screen televisions and get a perfect picture without wires.

“If you talk to any consumer on the street, they’ll tell you they have difficulties putting together their entertainment systems,” said John Marshall, chairman of the WirelessHD Consortium, which plans to unveil the new technology today. “They have a zillion cables. It’s a nightmare to manage.”…. <More>


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One response to “Group including Sony, Toshiba promote WirelessHD

  1. Has anything come of this? It sounds like a realy good idea. Regards Karen

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