Aerogrow/ AeroGarden: Home Grown Herbs & Vegetables in Your Kitchen

“A fully contained hydroponics system? That sounds like something that belongs in Willie Nelson’s house rather than a preschool classroom. As an educator looking for innovative ways to teach kids about science, I found the AeroGarden to be an ideal way to unleash a 4-year-old’s green thumb. After an effortless assembly, we simply added water, dropped in preseeded grow plugs, and turned it on. Salad greens sprouted within three days and were big enough to eat within two weeks. A light prompted me when it was time to help my students replenish the water and add nutrient wafers. As the plants grew, even my picky eaters could be spied snacking on lettuce leaves — much to my (and their parents’) delight. And at 22 x 19 x 10.5 inches, the AeroGarden is the perfect size for a classroom yet still yielded enough green stuff for about 70 kid-portioned salads”. — Brian Silveira


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