Metrics: Most Popular News & Info Genres Browsed on the Mobile Web

“M:Metrics found wide similarities in the browsing behaviors of Europeans and Americans. With

the exception of the American penchant for weather and the European zeal for sports information,

there are few variances in the type of information sought via mobile, despite the relative maturity

of the European market. Below are the top 10 categories of news and information accessed by

23 million Americans and 19 million Europeans in the three-month period ending 31 May, 2007.

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Metrics: Will smarter phones drive content consumption?

“M:Metrics, the mobile market authority, today issued the findings of its May Benchmark Survey. The firm found that while smart-phone owners comprise a small percentage of the overall population of mobile phone users, large percentages of smart-phone users are consuming mobile content. Contrary to popular belief, those carrying these powerful devices are not using them exclusively for productivity applications, but are also using them to view mobile video, play mobile games and listen to mobile music in addition to using them for personal e-mail and wireless Web access.


Table 1: Smart-phone penetration and consumption

Source: M:Metrics, Inc., Copyright 2006. Survey of mobile subscribers. Data based on three-month moving average for period ending 31 May, 2006, n= 12,631 French, n=15,122 German, n=14,913 UK, n=33,952 U.S. mobile subscribers.

Compared to the average mobile phone subscribers, smart-phone owners are avid users of mobile multimedia. In France and Germany, nearly half of smart-phone owners sent video or a photo over the network, compared with a market average of 18.6 percent in France, and 19.5 percent in Germany. Nearly a quarter of UK smart-phone owners reported listening to music on their handset, versus the average of 5.8 percent. The parallels are similar across the geographies. French smart-phone owners are a staggering 11 times more likely to listen to music on their handset compared with the market average of 1.7 percent, while their American counterparts are more than eight times more likely to do so.” Read more inside..

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